“A book, a good book, a book worth dusting off, is a challenge. It’s a full workout for your mind and soul”

The Library has a prominent role to play in assisting the overall learning process. The library has significant contributions to the research work as well as in the enrichment of the knowledge base of students, faculty members, and other staff members.

The library of our college is fully computerized and has Open access to all readers. It also offers an Internet facility. The library has a rich collection of around 800 books, 22 periodicals, and 6 daily Newspapers.

We have Main Library and the Departmental Libraries. The Main Library houses all the major References and Text Books, Journals, Periodicals, Magazines, Encyclopedia, Novels, Prominent Newspapers, and Books on a wide variety of subjects.

Library Timing
Taking into consideration the academic and research needs of the students and staff library services are available to the users from 8.30 am to 02.30 pm from Mon to Sat. Library runs in two different shifts so as to provide uninterrupted service to the users.

Library Facilities
Reading Room
Reading Room of the library is open for serious study by the students and teachers from 10.30 am to 05.30 pm. We subscribe to 32 Journals and periodicals in the library of academic research and even general interest of students and teachers.We subscribe to 8 Newspapers in the library.

As per the timetable of students issue hours of the library are as follows:
Senior College: 11.00 am to 4.30 pm
Junior College: 11.00 am to 4.30 pm
Textbooks, as well as books of general interest, are issued to the students from the library.

We provide web-enabled services to the students in the library. Internet-based services are available to students for their academic purpose. Online browsing and Download of Journals are also available in the library through the Internet.

Research Facilities
We welcome research queries from our faculty as well as faculty from other institutes. We put all our efforts to provide pinpointed exhaustive and expeditious service to the research students through our reference collection as well as through Internet.

Reprographic Services
Recently we have purchased a new Photocopying machine in the library and Photocopying facility is made available to the students at nominal charges.

Departmental Libraries
In order to provide research attitude among students Departmental Libraries have also been established for individual departments. These libraries are under the control of respective HOD’s where students can get personal guidance from faculty for their academic pursuit and guidance for their projects and assignments.

We are in a process of complete automation of library services; we have purchased a new library software package LIBMAN for automation of library. Presently we have five computers in the library. New books purchased are entered online in to the system. Student’s database has also been created in to the system and from next academic session we are planning to distribute Digital Library Cards to the students.

Separate section for Books for Competitive Exams

The activity of ‘Know your reference book in Library

The activity of Library Study Circle.

Group Discussion on different academic topics.

Earn while you Learn Project for students.

Book bank scheme.

Book Deposit scheme.

Best Reader Award to student, Teaching staff and Non Teaching staff.

Book Exhibition of Subject books, rare books and reference books.

New arrival book display.

Display of employment opportunity on library Notice Board.

Initiation of library to new readers/students (Freshers)

Library Staff
We have professionally qualified library staff to provide efficient services to the students and teachers.