About Us

About Us

Renaissance College

We at Renaissance College are ready for you with our new year prospectus. Our institution is one of the best endeavors to provide education to the masses in the best atmosphere possible. Situated in the North of Nagpur, we influence not only Nagpur but the whole of Central India. We are in Computer education for the last eight years providing high-quality education and career guidance and placements. Now we have entered a new zone of graduate and post-graduate education to provide further opportunities to our students who trusted us for all these years.

You will find an introduction to all the courses we offer, our rules and procedures for admission and all the necessary information you need.

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Our vision is to create a competitive, yet co-operative, knowledge based society.
Our mission is to provide high quality education, bring in creativity in learning and teaching methods by using cost effective resources

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Professional is the field of art contribute to make this world beautiful and exciting. Whatever profession they choose, it is a sum total of creative, intellectual, analytical and perceptive qualities that make them artist in the true sense of the term. An artful student normally has a keen sense of aesthetics a strong desire to express feeling in art form, dedication, an eye for form, creativity, originality, patience and an inquisitive and ever learning personality.

Keeping in mind the importance of arts, we provide the multidimensional learning approach that works towards overall development of students. The students will get an opportunity to reinforce some basic computer skills and in addition, acquire industry-specific skills, soft skills, project management and leadership skills, operational skills and aptitude test skills which are being delivered by trained faculty and practicing IT industry consultants.

Why Choose Us


Wi-Fi Campus

College is having a10 Mbps Internet connection, locally networked and connected through wi-fi also to


Training & Placement Cell

Training & Placement Department is the most essential part of any College, which plays an


Well Equipped Computer Labs

Computer Center is central place for campus-wide networking and Internet connectivity. Backbone connectivity initiates from

Our Moto

  • Prepare professionals recognized for quality and excellence in research, scholarship, service, outreach, and leadership.
  • Enrich students with knowledge, skills & values to make them competent and competitive for the world of business and industry
  • Provide conducive teaching-learning ambience with continuous enrichment of infrastructure and learning resources.
  • Instil research spirit by involving researchers in project work and give community orientation through extension activities.

Goals & Objectives

  • To groom the students so that they are able to navigate successfully through the curriculum.
  • To inculcate scientific and rational attitude in the students.
  • To enable the students to acquire the capability to progress within and beyond there potentials.
  • To provide opportunity for personality development of the students through the activities that are focused on boosting IQ, EQ and SQ of the students.
  • To instil a sense of belonging and infuse a spirit of love for their college, city, nation and “Mother Nature”.
  • To prepare the students as responsive and responsible citizen.

Our Teachers

Observation is the first and most powerful step towards changing teaching practices. Daily observation reveals a wealth of information about students, their competencies and skills, and the work of the teacher.