Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Duration : 3 year (6 Semesters)

Eligibility : Class 12th in Any stream with English subject

Medium : English


B.Com. remains the most popular undergrad course in India as there is a lot of scope for making careers. Commerce is the most important industry in the country. It is one of the highest contributors to the economy. So, as the economy grows, the commerce industry will also grow along with careers in it. Therefore, a B.Com. has a lot of scope and will set you up for an excellent career.

Job Areas : Job Areas For B.Com Graduates are:

• Business Consultancies
• Educational Institutes
• Industrial Houses
• Public Accounting Firms
• Policy Planning
• Foreign Trade
• Banks
• Budget Planning
• Inventory Control
• Merchant Banking
• Marketing
• Working Capital Management
• Treasury and Forex Department
• Investment Banking

Financial Risk Manager : Rs.10 lakh to Rs.18 lakh
The trend of working in Corporates is increasing day by day among B.Com graduates. One of the career options after B.Com is to become a Financial Risk Manager. FRM is a globally recognised certification for finance and banking professionals by the Global Association of Risk Professionals -GARP, USA. It opens doors for many lucrative jobs in the field of risk management, wealth management, finance, etc.

Business Analyst : Rs.3.5 lakh to Rs. 5.5 lakh
If you are looking forward to gaining some professional experience after B.Com, then one of the popular career options is to apply for jobs as a Business Analyst in MNCs and Corporates. These companies are always on the lookout for graduates. In this way, you can gain some experience and enhance your skills. To make your career more successful as a Business Analyst you can always take up certificate courses/ short term courses/distance MBA.

Digital Marketer : Rs. 4.5 lakh to Rs.10 lakh
Completed your B.Com/ B.Com Hons.? But looking for a creative job? Pursue a course in Digital Marketing and make a career as a Digital Marketer. MNCs are always on the lookout for candidates with a background in commerce and certification in Digital Marketing due to the rise in Digital Marketing Platforms.

• Public Sector Banking : Rs.5 lakh to Rs. 12 lakh
After completing a B.Com degree, you can apply for jobs in IBPS, RBI, SBI, etc. and earn a handsome salary along with a number of additional perks.

• UPSC or SSC : INR 4.5 lakh – INR 13 lakh
With a B.Com degree in hand, you can become an IAS Officer/ IPS Officer or an IFS Officer by appearing in exams like UPSC Civil Services Exam, UPSC CDS Exam, SSC CGL Exam, etc.

Accountant : INR 3.5 lakh – INR 18 lakh
An Accountant handles tax-related tasks and examines financial statements ensuring compliance with different laws and regulations.

Syllabus (Semester I)
Paper Subject
1T1 Financial Accounting-I
1T2 Business Organization
1T3 Company Law
1T4 Business Economics-I
1T5 Compulsory English
1T6 Second Language 1-Supplementary English or 2-Marathi or 3-Hindi
B.Com (Semester II)
Paper Subject
2T1 Statistics and Business Mathematics
2T2 Business Management
2T3 Secretarial Practice
2T4 Business Economics-II
2T5 Compulsory English
2T6 Second Language 1-Supplementary English or 2-Marathi or 3-Hindi  (Semester III)
Paper Subject
3T1 Financial Accounting –II
3T2 Business Communication& Management
3T3 Business Law
3T4 Monetary Economics –I
3T5 Compulsory English
3T6   Second Language 1-Supplementary English or 2-Marathi or 3-Hindi (Semester IV)
Paper Subject
4T1 Financial Accounting –III
4T2 Skill Development
4T3 Income Tax
4T4 Monetary Economics-II
4T5 Compulsory English
4T6   Second Language 1-Supplementary English or 2-Marathi or 3-Hindi (Semester V)




Financial Accounting-IV


Cost Accounting


Indian Economy- I


Elective Group –I (Any One)

            5T4.1   Marketing Management


            5T4.2   Computerized Accounting


Elective Group- II (Any Two)

            5T5.1   Business Finance -I


            5T5.2   Auditing


            5T5.3   Management Process (Semester VI)




1. Financial Accounting –V




3.Indian Economy – II


Elective Group –I (Any One)

6T6.1   Human Resource Management


6T4.2- Indirect Tax



Elective Group- II (Any Two)

6T6.1   Business Finance -II


6T5.2   Industrial Law


6T5.3   Advanced Statistics