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Online Admission  Online Fees

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FREE online MHT CET practice papers

Greeting from Renaissance College of Computer Science & Advanced Technology, Nagpur

Hello student, in this lockdown every aspirants are disturbed and not properly preparing for their entrance examination but at the end of the day we need to realize that the authorities are working on how to control this pandemic crisis. We can't do anything except of our work so you should avoid these things and start your preparation with the help of study materials stay away from unwanted news and social media.

For comprehensive preparation, MHT CET sample papers will help you in understanding the core concepts and topics. Solving these sample papers and previous year question papers is an easy way to prepare for the exam. There comes a time when you run out of new types of questions. But sample papers will keep you on track, they have every type of questions that may be asked in the upcoming examination.

Keeping in mind the above fact Renaissance College of Computer Science & Advanced Technology brings to you a practice online paper .

click below link to solve the Examination Papers

Best of luck to all of you!

Subject : Physics - 2018

Subject: Chemistry-2018

Subject : Maths - 2018

Subject : Biology-2018


Subject : Maths - 2017

Subject : Biology - 2017

Physics & Chemistry - 2017

Subject : Maths - 2019


Subject : Physics - 2019

Subject : Chemistry - 2019

Physics - 2016

Subject : Maths - 2016

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