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Learning Process


Initially, the students are encouraged to work individually, study assigned cases, read background material, complete exercises, extract relevant facts and identify issues or concepts that require in-depth understanding. They are expected to contribute to the learning process by sharing accumulated knowledge and work experience through group work & discussions.

A judicious blend of Class Room inputs in addition to self-study are used at Renaissance College.

Lectures by faculty are used to introduce concepts, techniques, issues, and moderate the exchange of individual views. Case studies form an integral part of the learning experience at Renaissance College. By working in small groups to develop and defend presentations, participants experience the challenges associated with group responsibility, collective decision-making and persuasive communication. Situation Role-playing is used to get fully involved, to experience the dynamics of practical management situations as well as to enhance behavioral characteristics. Roulette is a very straightforward game Integrated computer-based models and simulations are used to enhance the learning process and make effective use of technology tools.


The Outward Bound leadership programme place participants in a challenging and often physically uncomfortable but safe environment for learning. The difference is in the design of these leadership programmes; they foster a correlation between the business world and the adventure. Students invariably gain more appreciation of their place in a whole organization after one of these programmes. They also begin to focus on themselves as whole individuals, and interpersonal skills naturally improve. At Renaissance College Outbound Leadership Training Camps are held at least once in every semester.