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How To Get Ready For A Career In Game Development

Official worldwide projections concerning the number of global video gamers go as high as 2.73 billion by the year 2021. Gambling contributes to the United States economy with close to 138 million Dollars on a yearly basis, employing over 730 thousand people. At a global level, the gross gambling yield is said to reach 495 billion in 2019. The numbers speak for themselves: people love to play games. And the industry has a lot to offer them thanks to its continuous and mind-blowing growth. Joining a career in gaming sounds like a good and lucrative idea right about now. If you also happen to enjoy playing video games or gambling online yourself, you can combine your passion, creativity, and fresh ideas and create your own games you can sell for a profit.slot games

If you are ready to take your ideas to the next level, but you are clueless as for where to go next, here are a few tips to get you started.

Developing Games Is Fun

So if you are all about finding a job that is fun, engaging, entertaining, and the opposite of boring, game development may be the thing for you. Prepare for some captivating and at the same time inspiring challenges and get ready to have your mind blown by the latest state-of-the-art releases on the world of technology.

Having an associate degree in animation, which can be obtained at the end of a two-year program, should help you be better-prepared knowledge-wise. Nevertheless, there are lots of excellent game developers who have never graduated from any computer science, animation, or graphic design classes. So while you do not have to wait for classes to begin, being enrolled in an IT or computer science school or class will definitely make a difference.

Learn How To Communicate Your Ideas

Having the most creative mind of all when it comes to developing new casino slot games or virtual reality games will not suffice. You will need to polish your communication skills in order to work together with game studios and make your ideas heard loud and clear. You will also need to keep tabs on your progress and collaborate with other parties to obtain the best version of your game.

Having pristine communication skills will help you stick out from the crowd. Make sure you learn a few tricks or join a communication and professional writing class and improve your public speaking. If you are still in high school, joining the school's debate team is an excellent idea.

Play Games Online

In order to come up with fresh ideas for new games, you will need to play as many games as you can, whenever you can. If you have an interest in casino games, places like Australia Casino will allow you to discover dozens of real money online casinos you can join for free. Take a look at their full reviews, gambling tips, and updated information on the best casinos that fall into specific categories (paypal, credit card, free spin, real money, mobile casinos, sports betting). Play in free, practice mode to get acquainted with games you have never played before if you have a passion for video slots or video poker games, familiarize yourself with the gameplay, graphics, bonus rounds, special symbols, themes, sounds and music, and think of an original idea for a game you can develop on your own.

  • Focus on finding the right blend of pace and playability for your game. You could opt for a two-hand game format and make your own poker game. Make it as dynamic and creative as you can, and address new players, recreational gamblers or high-rollers. People with limited bankrolls will usually look for games that enable them to get the most bang for their money.

  • If you are more into slot games, decide upon the theme you would like to incorporate: sports, fruits, beauty, nature, pets, action heroes, adventure, cars, art and culture- the list is long and you should have no problem coming across your favorite. And if you don't, you can always invent a brand new alien VS predator VS vampire theme and draw the attention of new categories of gamblers.

  • Practice your drawing skills and design your own wild symbols and game graphics. Choose the right colors that will make your game stand out and look new and inviting. You could join an art course and learn everything there is to know about color theory and composition. You could even practice your painting skills, then move on to advanced game development tools and apps such as Adobe Photoshop or 3ds Max.

  • If you are into 3D gaming, learn how to use specialized 3D modeling apps and image editors. Design a couple of simple games at first and move on to some more serious programming once you feel prepared.

Jan 16 2017

The Future Is Mobile: Online Game Development For Smart Devices

The amazing rise of the online mobile gaming industry during the last few years is easily visible in the huge number of fresh apps and games that have popped up like mushrooms after the rain in all minor and major app stores. There are entire websites and gaming platforms that have dedicated all of their work, focus, energy, and creativity to cater to the needs of passionate gamers and gamblers. Today's gaming interfaces have evolved to such an incredible extent that they have almost nothing left in common with the “classic” games we – or our parents – were used to playing a few years ago.

Smart Technologies And The Gambling Sceneonline casino

Smart technologies incorporated in our tablets and smartphones feature the most advanced graphics, designs, sounds, and gameplay experiences possible. The mechanics have evolved so much that they enable us to simply tap on a touchscreen or wave our hands in front of a monitor and have our game characters move in a certain way or trigger various actions on the screen. Today, we no longer need to physically travel to a land slots venue in order to play our favorite fruity slots, Vegas Party, A Night Out, Beach Life, or Starburst games. We can simply go online using our smartphone or tablet and access good mobile casinos that are hosting these exact titles, and a few other hundreds more. Highly interactive, multi-player, flash and 3D games, progressive jackpot slots or video poker alternatives all make for highly popular choices for most of today's passionate gamers and gamblers.

Do You Want A Career In IT?

If you are looking for a career in the IT field, and you also happen to have a passion for mobile online roulette for real money played on your phone, you could study to become a game developer. The Renaissance College of Computer Science & Advanced Technology is here to assist you every step of the way. Feel free to browse our website for the college admission information you are looking for, or get in touch with us for further questions.

Things you'll need:

  • passion for the IT field/game development/all things mobile

  • rich knowledge in the advanced technology and mobile interface fields

  • application development and program writing skills

  • rich creativity and imagination

  • a friendly attitude

  • a college degree in IT

Study Modern-Day Mobility Solutions

Studying older mobility solutions that were encompassed by mediocre interfaces a few decades ago will help you develop more comprehensive products that will create a smoother player experience. The need to access several apps and programs at a time, especially when it comes to multimedia games.

You will also need to be well-trained in the field of progressing digital landscape and be prepared to develop apps for smart keyboards and devices. Mobile gamers manage to squeeze in their favorite gameplay sessions between business meetings, while on the subway commuting to and from work, or while on vacation. They need highly portable and accessible phones that enable a high degree of convenience and comfort for playing games, reading news, or accessing social media pages.

As a mobile game developer, you will need to find the path you feel most comfortable walking on and strive to come up with the most innovative ideas possible. If you find slots or video poker games most intriguing, you could focus your attention on developing some casino apps with unique features players have never seen before. Take your time in finding your inspiration through any means possible. Spend as much time as you need testing out fresh games and figure out ways of improving the overall gameplay experience for players of all levels of experience and training. You could opt for a job as a game tester at first and learn all the ins and outs of the games you are going to work on improving or developing on your own.

Smartphones are complex devices that enable important price reductions in game packaging and distribution costs.  Quality mobile games feature amazing cinematic graphics and stories or characters known to draw a huge audience, as well as an array of mechanics and code that can speed up the production times. If you feel you are ready to set foot into the game development industry and put your creative ideas into practice, start with joining a top computer science college for enhanced chances of success.

Aug 14 2017

Computer Science – The Future Of The Online Casino Industry

There’s no doubt that the computer sciences and most advanced technologies are today working as a sort of “engine” in the heart of this world – this means that we should expect to see important enhancements in  the technology fields for the future.

Computer Skills That Are More Requested In The Casino Industrycomputer science

Computer science is not a simple field: it includes several sub-fields and specific subjects. Through dedicated computer lessons and classes, young talented students can today access the necessary knowledge in all computer sciences. Keep in mind that before to join a computer science class or course at the university, you’d better know in advance the contents and disciplines that you will have to study:

  1. Computer programming is a most essential skill to gain in order to program computer-based devices and understand the processes which leads to computer programming issues.
  2. Graphics and design are two correlated fields that are also very important for the creation of images and for animation purposes.
  3. Web technology is a must-have knowledge in today’s world. Computer science is often connected to the web, that’s why appropriate skills in web technology come in between.
  4. Coding is possibly a key to success in computer science. Without coding knowledge it would be unthinkable to solve most common issues and even to understand a computer program.

Superb Graphic Design Quality For Casino Games

As a matter of fact, a large number of students who decide to begin a career in the computer science and advanced technology fields dream about a future in the game development sector. In fact, this sector is pretty well expanded and it’s probably a most interesting ever-evolving professional sector to explore.

Hundreds of online casino companies are in constant need of specialized software engineers and graphic design experts who can produce high-quality games and, anyways, take part to new projects of video games, casino games and other web-based gaming products of our days.

Companies like Casino El Arab do have a strong consideration of game software: in fact, the team of Casino El Arab selects only the best casino and gambling venues that use most superb and advanced game software.

Bingo Is Finally Back!

Not all gambling games are casino games, yet you have to log in an online casino if you want to play games like Bingo. After some time where it wasn’t nearly any more played, Bingo is now back on the scene! For nostalgic gamblers and everyone who likes the simplicity of Bingo this is a must-catch opportunity.  

Just know that Bingo is one of the easiest and funniest games ever existing in the entire gambling industry. Secondly, the only thing that you need to do to master this game is to read these online Bingo rules. If your language is Arabic, you will find Casino El Arab the perfect guidance to the world of Bingo.

Actually, this game was first invented in Europe, then exported to the USA and to the rest of the world. Probably, the oldest origins of Bingo lead to ancient cultures, like the old Roman culture, where a very similar game already existed and was largely played at all levels.

How To Play Bingo Online

If you are new to the gambling world, consider Casino El Arab as your main reference. Every time you need information on casino topics or you need game rules and tips to win more, Casino El Arab is the right place for you!

Moreover, consider also that each single casino venue and gambling site mentioned on Casino El Arab has been strictly checked and verified, in order to offer the gamblers the best experience. Once you chose your favorite venue/site where to play Bingo, register on that site and open your own account, add a method of payment so you can send a deposit to buy Bingo cards (the more cards you have, the higher chances to win) and also receive all promotions and bonuses from the Bingo venue. The game is run by an automatic system which generates random numbers, which gives you a perfect fair and unpredictable result at each game.

If you are lucky and you win a prize at Bingo games, you can withdraw the amount of the winnings from your account (open the “wallet” page of your account and order your transaction). Normally, all Bingo venues accept several methods of payment, such as Paypal, VISA, MasterCard and UKash; however, each different method implies different times to complete your transaction up to 2/3 days.

Choose your Bingo venue now and get wonderful bonuses!

Sep 11 2017

Is Starting A Computer Repair Business A Good Idea?

As a Renaissance College student, your main focus is to accumulate as many Computer Science knowledge and skills as possible and get ready for the career prospects that lay ahead of you. The choices you will be making after graduation will mostly depend on your preferences, personal desires, and goals. You may choose to seek a job in IT and work for a corporation or kick off in business and start your own computer repair or consulting service. Our online learning system will allow you to complete the necessary lab work with the help of our special NetLabs, online labs and the Cisco’s Packet Tracer, our very own laboratory simulator. By the end of your courses, you should be able to assist people with a variety of computer problems and make a living out of it. Here are a few useful tips and guidance to get you started.

Why A Job In Computer Repairs?

Everybody deals with computer problems sooner or later, no matter if it's a personal computer or laptop that may have stopped working, school computers or tablets, or a company server. System crashes and network problems usually come when people least expect them. This means computer repair services need to be constantly on their feet and ready to provide emergency repairs at all hours of the day. Maintenance solutions, problem assessments and system and hardware upgrades are also common requests computer repair technicians receive on a constant basis. Here is a breakdown of the immediate advantages of starting your own computer repair and maintenance business.

  • The costs of starting a computer repair business are usually small, especially if you are planning on first running your business from home. Once you will have gotten your IT diploma and you will become a professional in the field, you will not need a lot of extra things to get started on your endeavor. You should have all the necessary skills and knowledge to provide computer repairs and maintenance work to residential and commercial customers.

  • Your target market will usually encompass small businesses that do not normally have their own IT department. You will not have to solely focus on individual computer owners, but also on companies looking for contractors and vendors from the outside. Working together with small businesses should help you create the foundation you need for ensuring a constant work flow that should keep in business for a long time.

  • Provided you are also good at what you do and you can constantly come up with innovative solutions to periodical problems, you should get to grow slowly and steadily grow your business. The more referrals positive reviews, and word-of-mouth marketing you will get from satisfied customers, the better for your business.

  • One of the greatest advantages of running your own computer repair business comes from the fact that you will be your own boss and decide upon your schedule. You could do small repair jobs in your spare time, as a means of making some extra money. You could choose to do this full-time, once you will create a rich database of clients you know you will be able to rely on.

  • You will get to meet with a lot of new people and create businesses connections or new friends and constantly improve your social interaction skills.

  • Take a look at the Prosco computer repair page and find out what else is expected from a professional computer repair company.

Disadvantages Of Computer Repair Businesses

You may be required to show proof of some extra skills in order to have specific computer problems explained to residential users or business employees. Your communication and ability to convey clear and concise messages filled with technical terms will be put to a test. The ability to use terms that are not technical to describe what is wrong with a computer and solutions you will use to fix it might demand you putting in some more efforts. However, through practice and repetition, you should be able to find your own non-technical vocabulary and talk to people in a way that they find it easy to understand you.

You will also need to get ready to invest a lot of time and resources (oftentimes financial) in order to remain up-to-date with the latest developments in the IT and computer repair industry. You may need to get ready to attend additional courses and get certified to perform high-tech tasks and jobs.

While word-of-mouth and references from your previous clients will help you get your business on the market, you will also need to find additional ways to advertise your services. This may be time- and energy-consuming at first, but well-worth it in the end.

Sep 10 2017

A Computer Science Degree For A Career In Game Development

Many college students are interested in computer science, not only for the large array of jobs that are related to this discipline, but mostly because they’re attracted by the gaming industry. Basically, today’s students like computer science for the opportunity to understand more of a video game and, why not?, to even create their own video game at home.

In order to learn all about how computers are made and work, a computer science college course is essential. It’s been recently calculated that in the world the number of students who decide to start a career in the computer science world is increasing exponentially.

What Is A Computer Game?

Since their childhood or so thousands of teens get familiar to computer video games, namely online video games as well as console video games.

A computer game is a computer-controlled kind of game, the players who take part to the game interact with objects displayed on a screen. Console video games work the same way, except that they require a specific console to be played on a computer screen or even a TV screen.

Computer ScienceComputer games are having a large popularity mainly because they’re easy to play and funny for everyone, including teens, adults and even kids.

From Computer Games To Online Games

A milestone step is represented by online games. In order to understand and be able to create an online game, you need to first master computer science disciplines, so that you can know where to start and what to do to make an attractive online games.

The internet is the main resource to use, along with excellent competence in programming, informatics and web design techniques. A specific college course is the best solution to gain all the required skills and competences that allow you to become a good game developer.

Job Opportunities For Game Developers

The gaming industry is a very well established sector, it brings to investors and entrepreneurs a reasonably large profit per year and it’s probably one of the most flourishing and growing sector in this world.

computer programming

The work and accomplishments of skilled web engineers is the golden resource which makes it all possible.

There are also good job opportunities for those who want to start a career in the gaming industry, such as:

  • Game developer
  • Web designer
  • Game tester
  • Casino game development

Casino Games – Play Pokies’ Role

The casino game sector is a lively and attractive segment in the gaming industry. The numerous online casinos of our days take large advantage from specific casino guides, like Play Pokies, whose role is to give all potential new game players a relevant amount of information about casino games, game rules and tips and any other helping tool.

These real money pokies that you can find on Play Pokies are some of the best pokie games from Australia. As you may already know, Australia is known worldwide for its high-class pokies, first invented in the last century and today exported all over the world.

For all pokies passionate players, Play Pokies is the ultimate and best resource to learn more about new games and to get new bonuses on a monthly basis.

casino bonusesThe Pokies Bonus For December 2018

Actually, all new game players who choose a casino through Play Pokies and decide to open their account are entitled to receive a great casino gift: it consists in the pokies Bonus for December 2018.

As you may understand, this is a time-limited offering which comes for the current month of December 2018. Keep in mind that recently the casino companies on Play Pokies agreed on a bonus campaign which ensures all new casino members a month bonus for joining one of the following casinos (on top of the casino’s regular welcome bonus pack):

  • Fair Go Casino: this casinos thanks you for joining with a 100% up to $1000 welcome bonus of five bonuses of up to $200 each
  • Raging Bull Casino: you will enjoy a welcome pack of up to $3.5K plus 50 free spins
  • Dingo Casino: a welcome bonus of $1400 and $14 free will help you choose this casino venue
  • Casino Mate: as a new game player you’ll get 80 free spins and a welcome bonus of $1400
  • Planet 7 OZ Casino: gives you a welcome bonus of 400% up to $4K + 25 free spins

Obviously, each casino has even much more to offer, so check the casino calendar or ask the casino customer service to learn about more rewards and bonuses.

Sep 04 2017

Result of XII commerce is 100%

Sakya Junior College, Dixit Nagar, Nari Road, Near Kapil Nagar, Nagpur

Result of XII commerce is 100%.
to all our students and staff.

Jun 07 2018

Admission Schedule 2018-19

Admission of academic session 2018-19 is started. Hurry up! visit to college and confirm your admission. click here for detail schedule

Apr 21 2017

Academic Calender 2018-19

Follow the academic calender strictly. Please go through academic calender for detail information on

Apr 14 2017

BSC(IT) & BCA Practicals

Students of B.Sc.(IT) & BAC kindly note that the practical Exam will start from 15-May-2017 onwards. Please contact to college office for detail schedule.

Apr 25 2017

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May 16 2017